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Wigwam® Holidays Crowtree 

Our cabins are fully heated, insulated, spacious and en-suite.

We work alongside market leader Wigwam® Holidays, who create their handcrafted, timber cabins in Scotland.

Each cabin includes electricity, heating, toaster, kettle, fridge, microwave, toilet, shower, washbasin, a small kitchen hob, storage, hot and cold running water, mattresses, dining table and chairs, crockery, cutlery and glassware.

We also have Zebedee's Pavilion, our special indoor facility for guests to use.

What type of cabins do you have at Crowtree?

We carefully selected Running Water Deluxe cabins of which we have nine onsite, and also introduced for 2022 our luxury Wigwam® Lodge.

The Running Water Deluxe cabins are all named after the many wild creatures that live alongside us.

We have nine Running Water Cabins and one Wigwam Lodge.

Our Lodge, which opened in February, is named after Anne Mews, who helped found Wigwam® Holidays Crowtree. Anne sadly passed away in 2021.

Do we have hot tubs?

Three of our Running Water Cabins have private woodfired hot tubs, while our Lodge also has a private hot tub for our guests to use. 

What about parking and the outside area?

We have private parking adjacent to each cabin, and each cabin has its own outdoor area. As Crowtree is off the beaten track, it is perfect for children as they can play in safety and of course you can bring the family pooch too!

Why is it a wigwam and not a tepee?

When Wigwam® Holidays was founded over 25 years ago, careful thought was given to the brand name. Rooted in Native American culture, the word 'wigwam' is used by several tribes to refer to a domed dwelling. For the Abenaki tribe, native to the Northeastern states of North America, wigwam simply means 'house'. Designed to be more permanent than teepees, wigwams were built for those who wanted to settle down and feel at home within nature's wildest landscapes.


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